About me!

I do math - specifically, harmonic analysis on manifolds and the relationships between topology, geometry, and function spaces. I teach college math. I've taught algebra and arithmetic as well as finite mathematics and calculus. (This blog is solely personal! None of the opinions expressed here represent anything about my employer, or my past self, or my future self!)

I like economics (especially macroeconomics and growth theory) and physics. The math I do is closely related to theoretical physics. I also sometimes dabble in philosophy, like the philosophy of science.

Just on principle, I don't like to agree with people. Truth comes out when ideas are set on fire, ground up, tested, and stretched to their limits. To really get at what's going on, you have to treat ideas like expendable pieces on a playing board, not like cherished friends. That's the ideal, at least!

At the moment, the purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for me to record thoughts and arguments that I have and possibly expose them to a broader audience.  The blog's purpose may change at any time without notice to the readers.

It is eclectic and will probably cover a wide variety of difficulties (especially in mathematics).  I will try not to presume too much mathematical sophistication (e.g., I won't write a post on my research, at least not without a trigger warning).

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